October 31, 1951


University of Nebraska, 1969-1974

staff positions:

Associate Art Director/Illustrator, Rolling Stone magazine, 1974-1980,
San Francisco/New York City

Art Director, McCaffrey & McCall Advertising, New York City, 1982

Art Director, The New York Times, 1986-1990

Senior Art Director, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Berkeley, 2000-2003

freelance illustrator:


noted illustrations (front, back and inside art)
for four Blue Oyster Cult releases:
Fire of Unknown Origin;
Extraterrestrial Live (ETL);
The Revolution by Night;
Workshop of the Telescopes

("Fire" and "ETL" designed by Paula Scher;
"Revolution" designed by John Berg)

art instructor positions:

School of Visual Arts,
New York City, 1983-1985

University of New Mexico
Continuing Education, 1992-1999

    Raised in Nebraska, Greg started doing rock posters
and music-related art from the time he was in high school.
He even submitted ideas to major acts while in high school:
The Doors acknowleged a cover design idea he sent them
in 1968. Right out of college Greg went west and was hired
by Rolling Stone in 1974. He spent the next 6 years designing
and illustrating for the magazine.
    This led to freelancing in NYC, and doing a series
of album covers for Blue Oyster Cult at Columbia.
Greg has illustrated for Rolling Stone, The New York Times,
New York Magazine, Esquire, Psychology Today,
Games Magazine, Science Digest, Popular Mechanics,
The Museum of Modern Art, and numerous other national
publications and institutions;
also an award-winning Art Director and Art Instructor,
Greg's career in publishing has spanned 30+ years.
    A select group of the original drawings are now on display at Winfield Gallery, Carmel, California (
    "The Surreal Still-Lifes Series" still-in-progress is available
for viewing and for purchase in museum-quality digital prints
in the GALLERY section.
    Also, feel free to view my Facebook profile here.